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Elementary Reading & iPods

There are currently two projects underway that feature the use of iPods to support literacy:

  • K-2 HM Curriculum — Mt. Vernon Elementary teachers, led by Cindy Nees, have developed and implemented materials to support the K-2 HM curriculum. Their work was originally modeled after Howard Elementary's (4J) Reading Buddies program.
  • Elementary ELL Program — Laura Weiss and Zehra Greenleaf have created and developed a set of audio resources for students in the Spanish Literacy program. Resources have been integrated into all elementary ELL programs in the district.

These programs are designed for students identified as needing additional literacy support in either English or Spanish. Students selected to participate, take home hands-on materials and iPods loaded with audio materials aligned with classroom instruction. These resources allow students to extend their learning beyond the school day.



These projects are modeled after Howard Elementary's (4J) Reading Buddies program. For more information, see:

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