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UltraKey is a keyboarding program that has been adopted by the district. This page contains the following information:

Site Licenses

  • CES, Douglas Gardens, Guy Lee, Ridgeview, Riverbend, TES, Walterville, YES


UltraKey be installed on your computer using Self Service and logging in with your email username/password.

If you need UK installed on a lab, please put in a HelpDesk Ticket.

UK Login

Open the Ultrakey program from the Applications folder.

  • Student click Next>>
  • Teachers click Management

UK Login


  • If students are not automatically logged in, they should click on their school and click Connect.
  • If your school is not listed, click Specify Server... and enter ultrakey

UK Schools


Students select their name from the class list and enter a password when requested.

UK Settings

Below are some of the features that UK Administrators might want to set for their schools. Settings can be accessed by selecting General Options after logging in as an administrator.

When you have made your all of your selections, be sure to click on Apply to Classes... and then click Done.




Importing Students into UltraKey

Students will be imported the second week of school.

After the initial import, individual students can be entered as well.

You can individually type in the students names, id numbers, and passwords, or you can prepare the information in a spreadsheet and then import it into UltraKey. See the directions for more information (PDF).

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