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K-3 Phonics Activities

It is recommended that teachers review activities and read the associated directions and/or lesson plan ideas prior to using them with their students. In some cases, the activities are very open-ended and are best used in conjunction with paper/pencil activities or when students are paired and working on a single computer. If the directions and/or lesson plans are not obvious, a link is provided within the description of the resource.



BBC Words and Pictures: Poems PBS Kids: Look Out Below
Gamegoo: Paw Park Read, Write, Think: Word Family Sort
Gus and Inky's Underwater Adventure Scholastic: Find the Rhyme
PBS Kids: Between the Lions Fuzzy Lion Ears Starfall It's Fun to Read
PBS Kids: Between the Lions Two Sounds Made by ā€œCā€ Starfall Learn to Read
PBS Kids: Between the Lions When Two Vowels Go Walking  

*For high level students